Business owners, especially successful small business owners, know exactly how precious time is.

Staying ahead of the competition means beating the clock, making the deadline and going the extra mile. Consistently.

The way time is spent in every part of a business operation is a day to day investment into its present performance and future success.  Herein lies the great challenge of managing a multitude of processes efficiently.  For small businesses keeping good forward momentum is particularly difficult. Key decision makers can easily get tied up in daily operations. Especially when they have to play different roles and regularly lend a helping hand in order to keep things going.

Luckily we live in an age where technology offers solid, practical support to streamline the way businesses are managed. Enter the world of  Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is nothing new,  but in the past ERP’s  were only an accessible solution to large corporates as it was very expensive. Today, however, ERP solutions are much more affordable and offer the serious small to medium business a powerful means to increase efficiency and productivity.  Here at  integriB we specialise in one ERP application in particular, SAP Business One. Let me tell you exactly why we love it so much.

The force is strong with this one.

Fathered by SAP, the global market leader in ERP  and well known for their commitment to innovation, SAP Business One carries the legacy of making large complex corporations run more efficiently forward into small and medium businesses. We love the fact that it is a robust One-stop-shop solution developed and backed by a company that delivers on its promises. Trust goes a very long way.

It’s rock solid yet more flexible than your favourite yoga teacher.

If you talk to any of our freelancing consultants you will quickly hear they have worked in a wide variety of countries,  industries and very different businesses. The main reason for this is simple. SAP Business One is designed to be a complete but very customizable system.  It is both modular and flexible with more than 500 add-ons to make it easier to fit into your particular situation.

And this dog will hunt.

A business running an ERP should gain three main benefits from the system:

  • An increase in transparency by centralising and streamlining business efforts so that data can be shared by all departments and the problem of scattered silos of information can be solved.
  • Valuable support in decision making by having access to relevant real time data and being able to see exactly how your business is running and where the issues are.
  • A boost in productivity because with greater insight into your business and a more streamlined process your team will be able to manage growth more effectively.

Working daily with  SAP Business One, we believe the application delivers superbly on these three main benefits and it even provides much-much more. Do take a look at all the features and benefits in the official  SAP B1 Solution Brief.

Talk to us about your specific needs and requirements. We always look forward to helping you and your team.